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About Us
Acton Store is a tight-knit group of Creative and talented designers. Based in Egypt, Mansoura. Every day we work and move as one-step closer to revolution in animation world.

Acton Store is Creative Agency, Providing full service creative solutions & consultative strategy. We apply business experience and creative knowledge to the development and progression of brands both big and small.

Acton Store specializes in full scale video production services. We offer production and planning, filming, editing and post-production services. We are proud to be a based Video Production Company that maximizes our creative potential and cost efficiency by offering a dedicated service and total commitment to the project. In order to stay price competitive.

We use all the fanciest equipment – cameras and lenses, high end sound gear, and animated text and graphics – but we are singularly focused on your message. Everything we do, from planning and preproduction, to our highly tailored production techniques, to our editing and revision process, is tailored around helping you deliver the right message, with the right tone, in the right way.
We believe in doing our part to help strengthen the economy and improve people's lives. We build genuine relationships with people and have established a superior workflow that allows us to create captivating video productions that lead to direct results. We have a philosophy that if we can help businesses grow, influence people in positive ways by giving back, and raise awareness by truly leading by example, then new opportunities and a strong sense of morality will arise.

Our vision and mission in a future, where visual communication overcomes linguistic and social barriers to inform, educate, and impact positive change. We envision a world where visual information ends ignorance. We aspire to become a major force in the motion graphics industry, and believe this can only be accomplished through consistent transparency and accountability with our clients, our community, and ourselves. Because of this, we will always be humble towards our customers, thankful to our city, and supportive of each other.
We are a talented team of digital artists who are passionate about creating inspiring digital art. We all share the same set of values which are honesty, creativity, passion and lifestyle.
Our team includes new members that bring fresh ideas, skills and creativity to every project. This fresh perspective, coupled with the size and agility our team, allows us to quickly assemble resources to meet the demands of an ever changing media landscape. We provide consistently unique idea, creative, and inspiring video at a good value.
We work on any level, if you want to work in a collaborative environment, or online at anywhere, anytime. If you have talent, and excellence skills, you might be exactly what we’re looking for. We’re always on the lookout for the best candidates to take on a variety of roles. You can (contact us) to receive email alerts when a specific position becomes available.

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